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  • On-The-Go Type C to USB A Adapter charging data transmission

OTG USB C adapter 1.Strong compatibility USB C to USB A devices. 2.Durable Aluminum body. 3.Charging speed up to 3A, data transfer speed of 5Gbps in a few seconds.
USB 3.0 Connects USB-A to USB-C devices - small reversible connector to support a new wave of faster,
more efficient power delivery, capable of 10x faster data transfer speeds than
USB 2.0.Type C Mobile phone
OTG Adapter  
The interface type: Type C
Use the model: Type C interface device
Speed: USB3.0 (5GBPS) The high-speed transmission, could fill your phone with HD movies and songs in seconds.
Product material: Alloy shell + Delicate oxidation process, anti-scratch
Mobile phone “charge” The adapter
Reversible Design: Smaller, smarter and more convenient. Low-profile connector with a reversible design simplifies the connection, plug and unplug easily without checking for the connector orientation.
Compatible for computer peripherals: Keyboard connection, Mouse, Game controllers, Hub, flash drive or Mobile phone change charging treasure.
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