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  1. By Unixxxx Inc. Ms.Silxxx Wasxxxxxx | posted on 2017/5/8

    QC2.0 Dual USB car charger works great! Love that, can fast charge smart phone. Also super convenient that you can charge two devices at once. I Recommend it !

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2017/5/9 Thank you for your encourage, QC2.0 Dual USB Car Charger charges two electronic devices at once, universal USB port works with most USB cables. Input: DC 12V - 24V Output: 2.4A High quality material Charge quickly and efficiently.
  2. By Hxxx GmbH Mr.Werxxx Drexxx | posted on 2017/1/18

    Love this USB Type C 3.0 cable. It’s not flimsy, a bit on the thick side which I prefer. The fabric shielding around the cable is great and the fit to my Galaxy is solid.We definitely recommend this product to end user in Germany.

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2017/1/19 Thank you for your encourage, Alontec’s Type C with user-friendly design let user insert the connector to your devices,full speed Sync and Charger reversible connector plug and unplug comfortably,ultra durability.
  3. By Rxx Exx (S)Pte Ltd Ms.Kaxxx Chxxx | posted on 2016/10/17

    Customers could carry Wall AC Adapter in travel bag. Use it mostly to different countries, charge smart phones or Tablet PC without problem, easy to carry for business trip to around world.

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2016/10/18 Alontec’s Wall AC Adapter is switching type input from 110VAC to 220VAC could be used for global market,do not need to worry about different input voltage.
  4. By IxxCxxx NV Mr.Lxx Nixxxxx | posted on 2016/6/27

    These wall chargers are great! They stay in the outlet with no problems--It’s easy to plug into the wall and plug your charging cord into. They do a great job to charge my phone quickly too. Our customers are very happy with purchase from Alontec

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2016/6/28 Alontec could provide Wall charger with different input plug according to global market needs,output voltage and current could be customized different output as consumer’s devices specification.
  5. By Smxxx Nxx Mr. YAMAxx Axx | posted on 2016/4/13

    Folding Bluetooth keyboard is light weight, compact, amazing! This is a nice little keyboard. Great value, great price to Japan market

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2016/4/14 Thank you for your patronage, Alontec’s folding Bluetooth keyboard with slim design,easy carrying and storage in the bag. With magnet adsorption technology easily fold it and caps lock LED indication light.
  6. By Txx Txx Corp. Ms.Axxa Mxxxe | posted on 2016/4/5

    Wireless Bluetooth keyboard plus my Tablet PC replaces paper notes. I take it to meetings etc.

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2016/4/6 Alontec’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard design for Table PC,Smart phone with non-slip mats could work well on the smooth desk,standby time for three months.
  7. By Worldxxxx Proxxxx Mr.Bernxxx Hxx | posted on 2016/3/30

    This is a great charging and data cable. It fits my Samsung perfectly and charges quickly. It is braided which is much stronger at the connections than the plastic rubber wrapped cords which tend to separate at the end connections. This cord is thick and feels well made. Perfect length for using on my desk at work.

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2016/3/31 We appreciated your encourage, Alontec’s USB charging and data cable could provide different type plugs with durable outer jacket or PVC jacket with integrated strain relief for durability quality,custom lengths available by request.
  8. By Carxxx S.P.A. Mr.Giuxxxxx Merxxx | posted on 2015/10/8

    USB wall adapters are great to have. No more worries. Just use one of the USB charger plugs and your cable and you can charge anywhere. Well worth its money.

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2015/10/9 Thank you, Alontec tried to provide reasonable price for customers.
  9. By Kx Cxxxx sdn bhd Jonxxx Txx C.F. | posted on 2015/7/21

    Bluetooth keyboard worked well, this connected well. the keys is just enough to let you know you are actually pressing a button.

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2015/7/22 Yes,Alontec Bluetooth keyboard with Scissor keystroke keycap design similar as laptop keyboard touch feeling.
  10. By Sxxx Wxxx Corp. Ms.Silxxx Vixxx | posted on 2015/4/22

    Car charger is convenient and easy to use. Good quality. Cord long enough. Kept it in car for GPS and it works well.

    • ALONTEC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. | replied on2015/4/23 You are welcome, all of our cord’s length could be customized as your market demands.